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Soul inspired art serves as a reflective touchstone in our often-hectic lives, offering a gentle reminder of our deeper spiritual selves & our core spiritual truths. Through the offerings of my custom soul portraits, custom symbolic design, & my personal work, I aim to craft not just artworks but portals—invitations to pause, reflect, & rekindle a connection with one's true self & purpose. Along my own journey, I've been privileged to discern in others, aspects of themselves that may have been overlooked or forgotten. It's a humbling experience to witness the hidden truths, suppressed potentials, & transformative energies within each individual, & then create a custom piece reflective of all those aspects.


"I had the most phenomenal mini soul portrait done by Alex. It was so spot on, in-depth and healing for my soul. I highly recommend checking him out if you are ready to discover more about your soul. His channeling abilities are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and his artistry is beautiful."
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