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my journey & purpose...

In the quiet corners of my journey, I've discovered a delicate blend of wizardry and artistry that guides the expression of my craft. It’s a journey I strive to excel & learn more about. In the world today, it has become so common to lose the truth of who we really are during the repetitiveness of our daily lives. So, I create art with the intention of making an anchor point that offers viewers a gentle nudge towards divine introspection and a deeper connection with your truth. It's been a privilege to channel each individual I create custom work for & the energies that wish to move through me to make these cosmic mirrors for the collective.

My path, woven with moments of reflection and growth, has led me to embrace a role that feels both ancient and newly found. As I step into this realm of artistry hued with wizardry, my hope remains simple: to create art that serves as a reminder of our innate, divine, & powerful truth of who we really are.

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