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Hous Cleansing

Channeled Reading

A channeled reading provides a greater sense of clarity, guidance, and insight into your life. It is a process of connecting with your spirit guides, ancestors, & source to relay a message to you that will assist you in navigating emotional & spiritual blockages & give you insight about your innate soul gifts & power.


Overall, this service is meant to align you more closely with your path and connect you more deeply with your soul and spirit guides. These messages will also help you to heal, be inspired, be empowered, and affirm your gifts and purpose in this lifetime.

For an additional cost, I can create a detailed drawing representing your reading for you to keep after.

$75 : 1hr // $150 : 1hr with drawing

$30 : 30min // $100 : 1hr with drawing

All Channeled Readings are reserved via email. Please include a date & time you'd like your reading.

Soul Portrait

Soul Portrait

A soul portrait serves as a representation of your soul self. It captures the nuances of your spirit that wish to be seen & integrated into your conscious living. This isn't merely a work of art; it's a profound mirror to help you remember who you are, why you're here, your unique gifts & presence in the world. Your soul portrait also serves as an anchor point, offering clarity during times of uncertainty & helping you realign with your authentic path whenever you feel you've disconnected from your spirit. 

It's impossible to capture your entire soul in one image but I include as much representation as I can, or feel is needed in order for you to connect deeply with your soul self. 

Each soul portrait is distinct to the individual. I work with five mediums—watercolor, acrylic, ink, pencil, & charcoal—to capture the unique characteristics of each soul. Depending on how your spirit wants to be depicted, I might use a single medium or blend several for a richer rendition.


- 1hr channeled reading from your spirit

- Your handmade soul portrait

- Fully typed description & certification of authenticty of your soul portrait

16" X 20" - $300

Other prices available based on size

All Soul Portraits are reserved via email. Please include a date & time when we can talk about your portrait.

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Intuitive Sketching

Symbolic Design

All designs are created to reflect you, your life path, & your manifestation goals. It serves as a visual, mental, & spiritual reminder of one's strengths, goals, or values. Having a personalized symbol can be a powerful tool to catalyze your manifestations & for navigating challenges also.


- 30min channeled reading

- Digital & physical print of your symbolic design

- A personalized typed symbol activation meditation


All Symbolic Designs are reserved via email. Please include a date & time we can talk about your design.

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