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Creative Freedom Through Intuitive Sketching

May 7 @ 12PM

Loving Souls - 6518 Martway St, Mission, KS 


Embody & protect your creative freedom through the practice of intuitive sketching & movement.


Alex & Kayla will lovingly guide you through this work by exploring a different chakra center each month for maximum creative expression. This monthly experience will invite you to first identify and then liberate blockages within each chakra with pure life force energy (creative freedom). Meditation & intuitive sketching / guided movement will be the core tools used to guide you to access your creative freedom.


You will also learn how to receive messages from each chakra through intuitive sketches.


Please bring a yoga mat, journal and whatever else you need to be comfortable seated on the floor for 90 minutes, like a pillow or blanket.


Length: 1.5 hrs

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